"Take Pride"

Whatever You Do...Do It Well


Think back to your very first job. Was it something to boast about? Were you proud to say you worked there? If you're like most of the population the answer is probably no. No matter how humble your beginnings, your first job taught you priceless lessons. Worth more than all of your paychecks combined.


Have you ever seen the people on street corners twirling signs of a particular business trying to gather people into their establishments? I love when I see enthusiastic sign holders. There they are, twirling and flipping their sign, smiling and making eye contact, attracting people into their place of work. Don't you just cringe when you see someone sitting down, with a disgruntled face, holding their sign in one hand while texting in the other? Does that make you want to shop with that particular business? Likely, the answer is no.


You never know who's watching you. What if a business owner was driving around in search of someone with enthusiasm to promote for their business? Would they stop and talk to the sitting sign holder that was texting in one hand and lazily holding the sign in the other. I don't think so.


Opportunity knocks at the most unexpected times. It's a great idea to be on your toes, ready, putting your best foot forward no matter what your occupation entails.


At the age of 14 I got my first job. Working in fast food is no cake walk. However, I did learn to multitask, lead when needed, work with others, not just deal with people, but to genuinely understand people. I'm aware that if I wouldn't have taken my job seriously and accepted where I was in that moment I wouldn't be so comfortable dealing with people when issues arise today.


Do you work in customer service? It so, read a book on the art of dealing with people. You will become better at handling difficult situations. Do you work in fast food? If so, become extremely efficient and mindful with the preparation of the food you make.Are you in sales? Learn how to fulfill a need and treat people like people rather than just “sell” your products. Are you waiter or waitress? Be the best waiter or waitress that you can be! Remember your guest names, practice becoming efficient in serving, up selling, and making your guests dining experience one they’ll never forget!


Whatever you do, do it well. Make the most of where you are because you never know where it could eventually take you. Truth is opportunity knocks when it chooses to. Grand opportunities could be right in front of you waiting for YOU to make a good impression. Just waiting to change your life.