There's a saying that goes, “Bloom Where You are Planted” at one point I agreed with this quote. It's very likely I even shared it on some sort of social media in the past. I'm in a place now where I have a serious issue with this way of thinking.


I'm sure the intent behind the saying was meant to be positive but is it really? Could it be that this saying is an excuse to become complacent? The truth is, you don't have to accept your circumstances and if you don't like them then you shouldn't accept them.


People ask me all the time how did I move out of my home state and create a life 1,000 miles away. It's simple really. We decided as a family that we didn't like what life had handed us and we decided to go for something that was new, sunny, and without the byproduct of winter; snow. If you ever find yourself unhappy with your surroundings, change them. Trust that the universe will provide for you because it will.


It's completely okay to appreciate your beginnings, learn from them, grow from them, but never become a victim to them. Your growth in life will be determined by the rules you chose to live by. Stay completely aware of who is creating the rules in your life. Is it you, your friends, your parents, society? Here's a friendly reminder to make sure that besides God himself, that you are your own boss, constantly creating your outline of what you want your life to be like and taking massive action to make it a reality for yourself. If you aren't taking massive action to reach your desired lifestyle then you're not respecting your time. It's that simple.


Uproot, replant, and grow, baby, grow. After all, some of the most beautiful plants have to be repotted in order to reach their maximum size, beauty, and potential.