"Burning Bridges"

Have you ever been the first one around you to make a drastic change? Maybe a change in the direction of your life or a change of environment? A drastic change that I've made in my life would be moving out of my home state and coming to Florida. I remember my husband and I being asked questions that questioned our competence during that time. For example, “How could we possibly move when we had no one here? You aren't that crazy are you?” I also remember feeling like I was letting people down because of a personal change taking place in my life. There's much to add to this in regards to that but I'll save you the sob story.


“Sometimes, the first one to leadis the first one to make big mistakesAnd the first one to be criticizedand the first one to feel hate”



These lyrics resonated with me during the time of our move and even more so today. You see, about 4 months ago I left an organization that I was with for 2+ years  to be a part of one that is a better fit for me in every way. Because of this...some people I considered friends are no longer my friends. Maybe they were never my friends? Who knows.


Even worse than my experience was a few people who left the organization 4 months earlier. The lyrics to the song mentioned above couldn't be more accurate in relation to the way they were talked about and treated by “leaders” within the other organization.


Not to dig too deep into detail but since then, even some of those leaders have since “crossed over” into the new organization. Initially it was very shocking! How could people compromise friendships, talk nasty about others for doing something, and then go and do it themselves?

Truth is not everybody is equipped to grab change by the horns. When it's time for change most people will resist. The actual change isn't painful. It's the resistance behind it and the relationships you damage in the fight to hold on to dead grass. (Yes, the grass can be greener.)

Here's a reminder that this life is designed to encourage change. Change is what makes the world go around. Never be so prideful and stubborn in your own ways that you neglect to see a chance to upgrade your life. If you'd rather stay where you are at least be respectful of the decisions of others and stop burning bridges unless you sincerely never want to cross them again.