"Trial and Error"

Keep moving forward.


We all faced moments of doing an activity and fell short, like riding a bike or trying to do incredible flips on a skateboard. However, that comes with mistakes yet we have people who push us by using words of encouragement such as “No or try, try again”. Several emotions came with those slip ups and we continuously found ourselves getting scars to show the meaning of those efforts repeatedly until one day we got it. It was the best feeling ---as if nothing in the world mattered except you and that accomplishment. For all that, if we could push ourselves to that extent why are we not using that willpower with important events?


My weakness is video games. Whether it is spending hours on end with my computer pretending to be a fashion designer in create-a-sim on the Sims 4 to strictly gathering in an adventure game such as Monster Hunter. I found myself having a need to do brief events rather than the game’s initial purpose.  Don't get me wrong it’s fun, however, I have my moments where it becomes nerve-racking considering that even for ourselves, we want to be self-satisfied with whatever we focus on.


Having the willpower to do something important is difficult. For example, I know a great photographer who takes amazing shots yet he struggles with finding what’s qualitative in his work. Some of his photographs may be more realistic, others might give off a strong vibe. However, to know that he's having a hard time putting himself out there due to constantly feeling a lack of consistency it speaks, it’s says that he wants out, to improve and expand.


So, take risks! We have to break out of these cycles of giving up. We are going to hear “No.” But it doesn’t hurt to try, learn ways to override rejection, find what works for you improvise and bring out who you are. In time, keep moving forward and see what opportunities come forth.

Cover Photo Credit: Marvin Holloway


By: Alex G. via Senior EIC Le'Keshia Smith