"Has Awareness Hit You Yet?"

Finding out my grandfather had cancer hit me like a ton of bricks. Cancer didn’t exist for me until it hit my family. I thought we were invincible. Funny thing (obviously not) is that it wasn’t the first time it hit our family. It’s kind of like domestic violence. I always said it wouldn’t be me. I’d never let someone hit me and I stay, shoot I’d leave before it got to that point. I didn’t. We see these signs and campaigns to “walk” and raise awareness, but you don’t think to participate until it hits home for you.


How many times do we see others suffer before we get involved?  Are you like me? Does it not hit home for you until it affects someone close to you? Not everybody has money to donate, I get that, but why not offer to help clean someone’s house who has cancer or going to a doctor’s appointment with them. You never know how many people are going alone to these appointments. I know it sound extremely personal and the person may say no, but give them the opportunity. Many people are prideful and won’t ask for help. You know, it’s crazy because even me writing this, I know that people just don’t do for each other anymore. It’s sad, but that’s the world we live in.


 Well, let’s change that.


I challenge you to offer a helping hand. In your own way, ask someone suffering what YOU can do to help. Maybe it’s just sitting and talking with them.  I guarantee you at the end of the day you’ll feel so much better having helped someone else and it’ll remind you to be grateful for what you have rather than what you lack.


Has cancer affected your family or friend? Many of us know of at least once person who has been affected by it and you just don’t know the toll it takes on their body. Besides walking to raise awareness or donating money, what are ways that you can give back? If you have cancer or are a survivor, what ways could we do more to show compassion and support? I look forward to reading your responses. 


By: EIC Le'Keshia Smith