In October I decided to Loose my celibacy after 3 years ... here's why


The only way I know how to heal is to bare it all in my art. #NewInMadisonJayeDiary Early October with, I  decided to break my celibacy. While I'll keep the name of the person quiet, And while he went to social media directly after to confess to the world how much some else had his heart, which is probably the worse pain and rejection I've felt in a long time.


It also made me realize that I did have expectations, -'d I expected to be treated with love,  and although that didn't happen. I'm happy it happened with him ... no regrets on my end. Frankly, it was bound to. My celibacy was very special to me and I'm happy that I shared that experience with someone I loved .


But now that I know where we stand I am free to move into my dating life without the  Pressure of my storyline. Yes, a man will have to love and respect my body before intimacy however I now feel free to move how I please without having to explain my choices to the world.


Being celibate was extremely important and it has inspired and motivated so many women around the world to know that they can make their ways in the entertainment business with sleeping with anyone. I feel blessed to have went on the journey of self discovery and healing because of it and I HIGHLY recommend it to EVERYONE . However I do not want to miss out on someone special coming into my life because he is intimidated  by my choices . I trust myself to make the right choices with my body. This will be the last time I share my sexual choice with the world. I am moving back into my privacy . I will end with this , sex is a responsibility, yes it feels good but it is the act of soul connecting with someone on the highest level .



HONOR you body HONOR your temple don't allow everyone in your energy, be cautious YES ... but still enjoy your life .

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