One Year without you, How my bond with my aunt has only gotten closer.

One year ago today, I lost my aunt, my mother my best friend, and my sense of all reality. since this day my life has altered completely. Have you ever sat in front of a knife and a bottle of pills and thought about which would be a less painful way to end your life? After swallowing a bottle of pills i hearded my aunts voice for the first time in spirit form, causing me to throw up. Not only has my aunts death helped me unlock my spiritual abilities  in another dimension   but her communicating with me from the other side stopped me from committing suicide. Here  three  ways my aunt has guided me spiritually out of my deepest  depression and into my divine purpose and happiness. Tips on How to notice you ancestors communicate with you. 



 angel numbers: 


Angel numbers are a way for your guides ( protectors and ancestors ) to communicate with you. They can deliver specific messages through certain numbers or number sequences. This communication most often manifests in a series of repeat numbers or a series of synchronistic numbers (for example, looking at the clock and seeing 11:11 or checking out at the grocery store for $12.34). Seeing these numbers is one of the most common ways for angels to let you know they are present, because numbers are a universal language.



color messages : 


Color have unique meaning from the universe and your ancestors most messages come in color patterns of two or more. Once you start to identify with which  two unique colors are the reminder of your ancestor you will start to see that color pattern more often and when that color is present, your ancestor is sending you love letting you know that they are okay, happy healthy and working on the other side to make sure your purpose in this lifestyle is fulfilled.  



the ring of divine. 


mediation is key to opening up your divine hearing from the other side. there will be a ringing noise in your ear that is the universe telling you you are aligned with your purpose and events of the day will fall in your favor. However you must keep your thoughts positive because your manifestation is strongest at this time what you focus on good and bad will become your reality. Focus on love . 



Special thank you to my angel tamika west. Some love is for eternity  Because ours is, lets get it.. in all realms. I LOVE YOUUUUUUU !

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