8 tips & benifits to help heal from Twin Flame lies & Betrayal and move forward with your life


Anyone who knows me knows that the TF topic is extremely sensitive for me, being as though I am not with my twin flame. In fact, Ive stayed extremely silent about the situation because I was embarrassed and ashamed of the outcome of how things are between us. As many of you may know my twin flame chosen to be with another partner because they come from wealth & make 6 figures a yr (his words not mine). This has been an extremely hard reality for me to face, however, with this season of my podcast, one thing I told myself is I will be honest about my truth, and walk in it, so I am no longer ashamed or embarrassed because the first step to healing is ADMITTING IT & I have healed so much!

At first, I was hurt and unbelievably betrayed, I didn't know what to do or how to heal. For your mirror soul to tell you "I choose money over love right now" is an extremely painful thing to have to deal with.

My TF told me the  male lies of planning the future together, saying he loved me and all of the things all of us ladies have heard before. However if you have been fortunate enough to meet your TF, then you understand when I say it hurts 1000 times more when it happens and comes from them because this person is you .


If you know you know I'm unable to speak about something until I am healed from it . so to all my matrix twin flames who are dealing with the runner flame "running" you want to know how i healed   benefit from being betrayed my mirror soul? Here's 8 tips and benefits that I have experienced:



1) Self Reflection


I think that is only right that I start this off of self-reflection because the entire purpose of TF's is to reflect on self. If my twin flame was running away from me and putting a money or material objects in front of what we have, then in some way shape or form I was doing the identical thing . when I  took a step back and looked at myself I realize was 1000% accurate. Instead of working on my brand and helping myself grow, I put it off because I subconsciously didn't think I was worthy of success, so I put everyone else's brand and purpose before my own, which I'm now able to admit since it's something that I've altered .


2) Honesty

I've learned how to be honest with Myself. Putting everything out there and being honest about the person that I love choosing objects over me was a hard reality I had to face. however, I had to face it and be blunt with myself about it in order to heal myself. Do you see the balance of life there ? The good in the bad and the bad in the good. 


3) Freedom of conditioning \ approval .

One thing I learned about my twin flame Union and also from helping other twin flames around the world is, every single last  TF union  is kind of messy, none of them are perfect when you enter them. however, they are designed this way because they are in agreement that you and your flame came up with in a past life to help you evolve in the current one. One of the biggest things you must overcome in any lifetime is wanting the approval of others and stepping out of society's conditioning. By following my first two tips being honest and self-reflection you have no choice but to step out of conditioning and walking into your authentic self.


4) Self Improvement

Self-improvement is a major key.  Nothing fuels your fire more than pain and nothing brings you more pain and then someone you love telling you that you cannot be together not because another human but because of financial situations. That's type of pain makes you level up including in your bank account LOL. So, matrix flames, use the pain and hurt you are feeling to LEVEL UP you life in any area you feel you are lacking. Step OUT of the "woah is me" and into BOSSING UP , in all areas spiritually, mentally, physically , emotionally and financially. 


5) Releasing Fear

Unions helps you release fear it helps you understand that there is no such thing as separation, and even when you guys aren't together you are one soul that is living in two  beings, so there is no such thing as losing them. by realizing that you realize that there is no such thing as fear .  everything in the universe is designed to happen the way that is supposed to happen, when it's supposed to happen, how it's supposed to happen and it's all designed in YOUR favor .

6) Rejection

Rejection is a beautiful thing and it's something that I've honestly learned. Rejection is healthy to keep your ego in check, but also to save you from yourself. one thing that I've learned is sometimes God will work through others to save  you from things that you may think that you want , but you don't necessarily need, or will regret  long-term. Take my two years of celibacy for example if I would have gave that up  ( which almost happened TWICE with my TF) I would have been crushed more than I was !  So I'm so happy rejection took place .


7) Finding Inner Peace,  Happiness and Self Love .


To be honest all of this has taught so much, the pain that  you feel from being betrayed by your TF  will break you down to the core . So much that you have no choice but to look deeper within yourself and heal things that need to be mended in order for you to find your inner peace, your inner happiness, and your inner strength. It also teaches you about the laws of alchemy , that everything in life is a balance. you can't have the good without the bad, you can't have the bad without the good. it's all equal to strengthen your spirit and create you as the Divine Purpose that you are here to serve.


8) The beauty of letting go

Some twin flames agree to be together and every Lifetime and like one of my favorite authors Elizabeth Gilbert said " sometimes your flame is meant to teach you something and go".  we never know how things will play out until they play out . however there is a beauty of letting go and letting God take the wheel of your life. every TF will  have to  experience letting go, rather it be inorder for things to come together, or so that things can fall apart and something even more beautiful  can come together. 



Hey , and as it stands right now, I actually have my first crush in a really long time lol. So who's to say what to come next. But if I where you guys I'd stay tuned to the Madison Jaye Show . got a feeling its gonna be juicy lol.


Until next time .


Love and light jayekingdom.

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