3 Tips : How to deal with Soical Media Trolls as your brand grows.




When dealing with social media trolls it can go one of two ways . It can make you feel sad ORRRRRR it can make you want to elbow them in the face, knock their teeth DowN their throat and kindly bash their head In the concrete 🙃,  Because as history will show you a QUEEN is NEVER afraid to cut off the head of ANYONE who causes disfunction in HER Kingdom.


HOWEVER, I am currently transitioning from Queen to goddess . Here are three tips that has helped NOT return to my old savage behavior me progress forward  on my journey of universal LOVE !💜


Pray for them


There is a Bible verse that states when your enemy is hungry feed them, when your enemy doesn't have a home give them shelter. The one thing I love about this verse is it teaches you how to love beyond ego. I truly learned something from this experience of trolls. Be kind to those who aren't kind to you . Pray for them , and do nice things for them even when you don't have too , it teaches THEM how to love beyond ego .  Anyone sending you negative attacks via social media is extremely insecure in more than one avenue in their life and they are looking for an outlet .


Something in them is deeply hurting pass the surface it is something deep rooted that they haven't healed mostly stemming from childhood or parent neglect. I know this feeling all too familiar because before I dealt with my issues with my parents, I was angry and I wanted an outlet and sometimes I will use social media as my venting box .


I say all this to say if someone is coming on your page to write negative energy then you should pray for them because they are in pain and they are deeply hurting and more than likely they don't love themselves so when you pray for them asked God to give them strength, asked God to forgive them for thier I'll intentions, and asked God to place love in their heart, to fill up their entire being so that they will be able to heal and properly love themselves. When You are operating in love you,  you will only have time to give out the energy that dispenses love.




Apologize to them


Yep, I said it, apologize to them. Even if someone brings negative energy to your page.  If you find yourself going back and forth with that type of energy, apologize to them. The one thing about social media trolls is they are extremely dedicated energy vampires.

Energy leeches Feed off of the negative energy of others they are often emotional abusers  as well in relationships. They feed off of people needing  them. they also suck the success out of others and place it with misery and despair making people feel like they are nothing, while they gain the energy to keep going.


Apologize to them if you find yourself going back-and-forth and do not give them your energy send them love and send them abundance of blessings. No one is worthy of your anger when you are walking with God you walk with love.


Do not block them


This is another one when people are like why don't block them ?  nope, do not give them that power. Honestly they knew there was something on your page that inspires them and they wish that they could be so by leaving your page open you are leaving it open for love . They need to receive positive influences in their lives to teach them better ways then to act out.




until next time live and light JayeRoyals .  



Your Queen Maddie 💋 

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