Meet The #JayeRoyal Squad 

"Our Editors in Chief & International Columnist"

Le'keshia Smith - Lifestyle Division
Senior Editor- In-Chief
 (Mid West America)

Le'Keshia Smith is a Marketing Professional with a company out of Northwest Indiana. She recently launched her own business, Keys 2 Serenity through Paycation as a Certified Travel Consultant which allows her to help people create new memories while saving money and relieving stress.

Mz Lee - South Africa Division
Senior Editor- In-Chief
(The Voice of South Africa )
Mz Lee is a 26-year old woman who loves social media and graphic design, and loves engaging in various topics. she is extremely opinionated and speak about what she is thinking rather it be, social issues, especially those affecting the youth. Lee is also an opinion writer for News24’s voices department; a contributor for CHEKA Digital. 
Anny Jules - Pop Culture Division
Senior Editor In Chief    
   ( North Carolina,America )
Anny Jules is a performer, writer, and social media maven from Queens, NY. As a performer, Anny has appeared in numerous television commercials that include Post Cereal,  Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and McDonald's.  she also  won the Audelco Awards"Rising Star” honor for excellence in Black Theater.           

     Vanessa Mbamarah  - Benin, Africa  International Columnist  "Building Regardless" 
Vanessa Mbamarah - Benin, Africa
International Columnist
"Building Regardless" 

Vanessa Mbamarah is a Sociopreneur, with an enthusiasm for creativity, design and digital technology. She is the Founder of Ztallion, a multi-armed organization that comprises of Ztallion (for Business) & She runs the Ztallion Academy She is also the co-founder of EWD Africa. President of of LAC Foundation dedicated to reaching out to orphaned kids in the Rep. of Benin.

a Radio Co-host on the Creative Magic Network (Canada), an International Columnist for Madison Jaye. Driven by her belief in collaborating with and empowering others, alongside her passion to empower and mentoring others, she shares her experiences, challenges and victories through her journey as a way to helping others be who they want to be regardless of gender or background, encouraging them towards making something out of their lives.

Jenny Christian - Chicago,  America       
American Columnist
"Pretty with Purpose"

A muse of the arts, ambitious, and determined philanthropist Jenny Marie Christian. Christian in Chicago to the blues legend, “Little Johnny” Christian and the educator, servant of the Lord  Jenny realized at an early age through the impact of her father’s music on others and her mother’s work she wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.

Jenny published her first book (You Broke My Heart, Now Go to Hell) in 2008 Jenny’s personal stories are used in the book as a vehicle to spread the message of “allow every adversity to make you better and not bitter” to every young woman across globe.Christian with a charismatic persona, kind heart, positive attitude, and radiant smile fuel her to help others. The initiative that she created called Feminine, Delicate and Dainty was made to distribute feminine care products and hygiene products to homeless women.


Subjectivity - London, UK                              Events & Conversation Recaps            "Subjectivity UK & NYC"

'Making Room For Wider Conversation' has never been this entertaining! 

London's most interactive and engaging topical debate night that brings entertainment and people together. A show of fun and revelation. We aim to bridge the ever expanding gap of ‘misunderstanding’ between men, women and the youth on a variety of topics that ‘Make Room For Wider Conversation’.

SubjectivityUK is a growing community of people who want to listen and be heard, those of us whom differ in perspective but can still be respected, a place to not only find answers but to provide questions that make us think differently.

  Forever Blessed    -  Toronto     Senior Editor- In-Chief        "Maple Leaf " 
Forever Blessed - Toronto
Senior Editor- In-Chief
     "Maple Leaf " 

Forever Blessed, is a (French) bilingual Toronto native, and a force to be reckoned with. She's always enjoyed being creative; and grew up with a dream to do as much as she could using her talent, and creativity; especially in the entertainment industry. Her experiences have developed in many fields. Such as banking, hair styling, performing musically,and poetically. She has also acted in a variety of Canadian, and American T.V shows, movies, as well as music videos.

when she is not in front of the camera, she can be found behind doing hair on set, or covering events. In 2014 she founded her self-named company 4evrblesd; that consists of motivating people not only through speaking, but through her quotes as well; that are shared on social media. Along with public relations, and marketing. Servicing mainly those in the entertainment industry, and entrepreneurs. As of 2015, she launched the 4evrblesd Knitted Collection, and in 2016, will officially launch her apparel line.