Get to meet Summer

It is just another hot Thursday on an African summer’s night. I am wide awake with an even wider grin. I love summer because I sleep better during the day and think much clearer at night. I have time to take in my day, to access my emotions and gather my thoughts. Life is better for me in summer. It is even better this summer because it holds remnants of the previous with nods of approval from Father time.


It seems that there’s something enticing about summer love.  I wonder if Summer’s cheeky playfulness awakens our sleeping love god who without aim or thought shoots arrows that have been drenched in a temporary potion to the young and wild. It seems that summer is the best time to fall in lust and ride that dart until Summer’s tonic wears off in January.


The misery attached to a failed relationship is not as enough to deter a hopeless romantic‘s plans to find love or die trying and my darling summer, is here to aid.


Endless excuses to gather, drink and be merry are Summer’s tricks to ignite the flames she’s borne from. She makes sure less is left to the imagination by imposing her taste in clothing upon us. She builds up the allure so blatantly and unapologetically. She implores us to draw closer, asking that we make memories together with her. Summer asks for no approval to set us up.


Because of Summer, pleasure clouds reason and the longing to jump without looking trumps fear. The weakening power of desire that makes the air heavier and all logic fuzzy belongs to summer’s warm nights. The skies have pledged their allegiance so the stars dance above us to hypnotize.


Summer love and unspoken promises set sail together. With unbound possibilities we choose to look only to the positive. Summer allows us to believe, to live in the now and helps us make it work. Summer love feels fresh, gentle and falsely true. It is the perfect illusion in a tale told about companionship. We’re supposed to know better but what is knowing when you’re caught up in feeling?


Summer brought love to me. I waited for her to take it back with her as soon as autumn took the thrown. With no desire of being summer’s fool, my heart refused to let all the butterflies lead it to believing in absurdity. So, the skies rumbled and roared, trees swayed and stood still, the wind wailed and moaned until Summer returned again. But to my unforeseen delight, neither Autumn nor Winter shook or froze what Summer had sneakily, lovingly created.


Every summer seems nothing like the last. She is as unpredictable and ever changing as her mother. Each time the wildcard returns, her magic fills the air as she begins to do what she does best. So as seeds of longing are planted, may we fill up voids with laughter, may we wake up to welcome hope, may we dance with our fears and breathe only love into existence. This summer, get to meet Summer.


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