Vibe with SDOT

You see me without earphones, 98% chance I'm talking to someone. Music is necessary for my survival. It's my oxygen. I can't go without music in a day.


Hip hop, specifically SA hip hop, caresses my ears on the daily. Each song invokes a certain feeling in me. Whether thought provoking or just I'm in awe on how the story relayed is one I relate to. Or even, TURN UP!


News across the borders will include some of the biggest acts we have in SA but my music selection is not limited to what everyone is seeing as the biggest. Yes, those songs will get a spin here and there but the ones getting repetitive spins are usually the gems I found & people are still to experience the wholesome beauty the songs possess. So for once in your life, get to experience what the god S Dot bumps on the daily.



One of the legends in SA hip hop circles and has managed to capture audience worldwide is Tumi Molekane. Superior lyricism and undoubtedly a top 5, if not three, in GOAT status in SA, his album soothes me from the monotonous sound of the new school.


Da L.E.S

Growing up in USA, Da L.E.S has an international feel but a local sound. One of the most consistent rappers in SA, whereby what he came out as is still what he is today. Da L.E.S is not a lyricist. Da L.E.S is not a find thought provoking lyrics type of rapper. He is a fun rapper. He is a guaranteed to get you ready for a night out rapper. He is a turn up rapper.



This duo is perfect synergy personified. Buks and Solo each bring a dimension to the BETR Gang movement that balances it impeccably and gives my ears a scintillating experience. Their rapping is crisp and meticulous. The beats are musical and incredibly orchestrated. They are a breath of fresh air from the one sound that is running rife on local radio.


Peep their joint album on this site


And a bit of their solo work.


Buks - Rule The World -

Solo - Overtime -



From the capital city, Cape Town, Fonzo is not only a good friend but an exceptional rapper. He details his life and views so vividly on record; I get flashbacks on what we have spoken about over a beer. It’s almost as if he recorded our convo in rhymes for the world to enjoy. It’s that real.



This brotherly duo got my attention on how funky their sound is and reminiscent of the brotherly duo, Clipse. They embody the new age with an old soul saying. Kitso and Mr Caliber are FRATPACK. An alternative, electro hip hop duo. One of my favorites songs by them is "Better Than Your Life" off their mixtape, "Fun Is Serious"



Ever heard an artist that sounds hungry for recognition and treating the booth like a confessional booth slash street cipher? Reason is that artist. I relate to his no holds barred, cut throat honesty and relentless love for the hip hop culture. The phase of dancing and gimmicks comes and goes but Reason is forever a rapper's rapper.


Ph Raw X

Sound engineer and producer engineer is a marvel to listen to. everything sounds pristine. Carefully and expertly constructed, pH is a perfectionist when it comes to how a song sounds. Multitude of accolades for him and his imprint Raw X Productions, he continues to use indigenous sounds, especially Tsonga traditional instruments, in his music. This makes it undoubtedly South African and teaches everyone who listens on his heritage. His debut album, "From Giyani With Love", is available on iTunes.


That’s a bit of what I listen to daily. This is the music that serenades me. It gets me ready for the day ahead or surviving the day. What’s on your playlist?


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