Cancer researching Stanford grad student poisoned classmates, sabotaged peers' projects: police


Xiangyu Ouyang, 26, will likely plead insanity after her arrest for poisoning her classmates.

A Singaporean Stanford graduate student studying cancer biology was arrested and charged with poisoning her research classmates with a potent chemical that causes burning sensations in the mouth and throat, authorities say.

Xiangyu Ouyang, 26, has been banned from the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto after students and police caught on to the bizarre incidents late last year, documents show.

“I think someone is trying to kill me!” one victim yelled after sipping the water bottle filled with paraformaldehyde, which can be used in embalming and as a fungicide or disinfectant, according to court papers obtained by campus publication the Fountain Hopper.

The four victims all worked in the Nusse Lab researching stems cells when the poisoning and weird happenings began sometime in September 2014. One student reported finding her stem cell cultures dead after they had been flourishing, while others immediately sensed something was fishy about their water bottles.

Many of the students left their bottles unattended overnight in the lab.

One victim told police she “drank some water from the bottle and felt a burning sensation in her throat.”

“She began to salivate uncontrollably and felt her esophagus contracting,” the statement reads. “The water smelled faintly of PFA.”

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