EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Cuomo pulling back $100M that would have gone to fix NYCHA roofs deemed 'at or past useful life'

By  Madison Jaye                  Photo:  Getty Images

By Madison Jaye                 Photo: Getty Images

They are the “worst roofs” in public housing — 123 leaking, decrepit sieves at 18 developments so bad that NYCHA has deemed them “at or past useful life.”

NYCHA planned to repair the soggy problem by using $100 million from the state, but then Gov. Cuomo pulled the rug out from under those plans and redirected the money, leaving thousands of residents suffering until the Housing Authority finds another way to get the job done.

City Councilman Ritchie Torres (D-Bronx) accused Cuomo on Wednesday of “playing politics” with the New York City Housing Authority, stating, “The governor has politicized the use of the $100 million and does nothing to address the needs of tenants.”

Torres will hold a hearing Thursday on the roof debacle as head of the Council’s Public Housing Committee.

An internal list of the 18 targeted developments shows NYCHA singled out buildings where roof leaks have worsened its premier problem — creeping toxic mold.

“The most chronic problems that public housing tenants face are mold growth and leakage, a constant cycle,” Torres said. “So if you replace these roofs, you’re addressing the root cause of mold growth and leakage. That’s the best capital investment that you can make in these buildings.”


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