#FBGO - Let Black Women Live


We are a couple days away from the For Black Girls Only event, which is happening at Constitution Hill on the 31st of January. I as a, black man, can't express how proud I am of the initiative which looks to empower, enrich, teach and celebrate black women. I'm telling all my black women friends about it & hoping they go to the event.


Noloyiso Mtana addressed the issue of other races feeling excluded and wanting #FBGO to be all inclusive here. I censor myself on the other races demanding inclusion in a movement that has the sole purpose of empowering black women. The censored word starts with the letter F.


While on that, I have been recently seeing men, yes men, lament #FBGO. I've seen men share the same sentiment as white people about exclusion and even further "ally" as black men and black women should unite against racism. 




Firstly, that notion makes sense but it's in a manipulative context for this instance. #FBGO is not ONLY about racism. It is a movement that is solely for black women. 


I come from a country that has one of the highest rape stats in the world, the domestic abuse stats skyrocket, street harassment is a regular disgusting act that happens to black women daily. Now black women want to be together, be safe, share ideas of being free and not be subjected to such violent acts and as a man you think of yourself first? How selfish.


As men we don't stand for women against abuse, we are the abusers; we turn a blind eye when magazines perpetuate a "Only white people are beautiful" mindset, we body shame about things like we wouldn't wife a woman with stretch marks; we don't accept black women for whatever sexuality they say they are, we corrective rape because to us a man is entitled to a woman's body YET we wanna stand with them when we don't stand for them?


Just this week, it was reported an MEC (a man) in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, put a clause that says girls have to take a virginity test before being granted a bursary. Do you see how imperative FBGO is for black women?


#FBGO is not your local nightclub. It's an important event for black women. It's their safe space. Let us, men and white people alike, respect that. If we really want to support, this will be the perfect time to listen to black women. This is the perfect time to learn right from black women. 


As the name says, For Black Girls Only. It's not vague. It's direct. Its intention is explicit.  Only black girls. Respect that.

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