New Ear Resolutions

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Be a better person. Eat more healthy. Go to church at least twice aside of Easter. Not make new year resolutions.


We are different as people and we believe in what we believe in. What I believe in, is authenticity and true to self. I apply this through all the aspects of my life. I rather would have an enemy knowing the real me than alliance on who they presume me to be.


Every new year ushers new things and prospects in anyone's life. I look to music for new-ness. We look back at the year past to reflect and improve. I look to music for authenticity. I look to hip hop for new teachings about my surroundings and self. I keep my ear out for new things from the real people. These are my new ear resolutions.


Women on the mic

Women stand a great chance of taking over 2016. There was an uprising of women talent on the mic in 2015 and to be honest, the boys should shake in their boots. There is a need for women to show they capable, in some cases better, that their men counterparts. For this to come to fruition, the women should be running rife in 2016 and demolishing booths with sick rhymes. No hold backs. The game is shifting towards the listening instead of just adoration of a name. The listeners are paying close attention to music and they are slowly determinig talents based on whats presented not of which name says its talent. The women have had to fight harder for recognition and 2016, is the year that they get a shot at who's the best in the hip hop circle.


Nasty C

The teenager from Durban took SA by storm with an unprecedented, unforeseen, unpredictable run in 2015. He literally took the spotlight from his heroes as they were ready to pass him the torch. The boy can rap. His mixtape, "Price City Mixtape" is closest thing to covers but with the young, sound like about to break voice, that is breaking barriers with listerners, David Junior Ngcobo affectionately known as Nasty C has a bright year ahead of him. With an EP titled, "C L.A.M.E" which is an acronym for 'Levitating Above My Enemies' and the highly acclaimed "Price City Mixtape", a feature with one of Africa's biggest rappers in Cassper Nyovest and Nigerian superstar, Davido; this coastal cool kid is standing on tip toe in an attempt to rub shoulders with the most respected rappers in the country. 2015 was a brimstone run for the kid, 2016 proves to be a year all eyes will be on the budding talent.



If theres one thing I can't deny is the influence of lean and trap. How it affects all who listen and can turn a dull party into a a debaucherous mess of memories and letting loose. Heralding into 2016 with an album and somewhat of a justifiable big head attitude to match, Emtee is bringing a dynamic into SA hip hop that not many have touched. He is the trap prince with a song that won song of the year at SAHHAs (South African Hip Hop Awards) and a remix which featured the self crowned prince of SA hip hop AKA and Nigerian mega star Wizkid. 2016 proves to be the year that Emtee shows he is not a hit wonder and possibly mught be the future of arrogant superstars who wreck parties with their catalogue.



Phrases say work smarter, some favour the work hard mantra. Youngsta embraces both. The only rapper in SA to release 24 music videos in a year. Thats on average two new music videos a month. Question your music video channels on how they missed this gold mine. Heading into 2016, the 021 representer is a you blink you miss it candidate. Youngsta is a hard working artist with no plans of slowing down. Kaapstad and the rest of the country is waiting in anticipation.



The problem with a perfectionist is they indirectly create suspense and anticipation that those who are waiting fall into a state of worry if they going to live up to the hype, which in turn turns to an impeccable product and overall awe that you forget how long you waited. Buks is a perfectionist. "Pegasus" has been rumoured to be released for years and Buks keeps refining and with the singles released, it puts the anticipation to fever pitch. On the back of the release of BETR Gang with Solo, Buks shows he is as majestic behind the boards as he is on the mic.



The East Rand spitter is an enigma. He can be totally going with the current mainstream sound and then turn around and completely surprise you with lyricism that carries an arrogant but capable tone. With the plans of releasing a double disc album, a rare feat in SA, Kwesta made everyone take notice. The most featured artist in 2015 stands to feature in a lot of conversations in 2016.



Zothile Langa is more artist than just a rhyme slinger. Zothile Langa is more lyricist than some one who pens rhyming words from a dictionary and strings them loosely together. Part of the movement, BETR Gang, Solo is readying his sophomore release, "Dreams B Plenty", and as the title suggests (it actually has a deeper meaning but all that will be unravelled as time goes) there was an "A", now we await to see what 2016 will "B" for Solo.


Thats not all I wish to hear in 2016, which in turn is a contradiction to the idea of New Year Resolutions. Its what we wish to see but also leave space for new resolutions that will happen in the new year. I'm keeping my playlist with the above and space for anyone that will shine in 2016 with originality and authenticity.


Written by Siphiwe Junior Zwane tweet me @SDotJR_



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