Spiritual Dice

Image iNSTAGRAM    BY Hannah Rose Nicholson

Image iNSTAGRAM    BY Hannah Rose Nicholson

If you have ever played a board game with friends you would understand that it is in human nature to be competitive. One Friday night you arrange to have a games night with friends, you decide to play monopoly as everyone knows roughly how to play, everyone chooses their character and player one rolls the dice... They roll a six and continue to roll high numbers, getting around the board faster than everyone else.


Player one has a lucky game, lands on all of the expensive real estates and buys them, charging everyone else rent for landing on their lot! Life is actually easier than a board game... and here's why: It's not just a roll of the dice. Some people are too quick to put their lives in the hands of fate... and leave it there! We don't get given a magic dice at birth and just get told to "roll with the punches."


We are given a brain, and that gives us the ability to learn from our past dice rolls... Imagine if we had the same grasp on the way the dice would roll as we did on how our situations would eventuate. Lets say even numbers are good decisions and odd numbers are bad decisions... Consistently roll even numbers and as you make your way around the board you will build and accumulate weath and property. Odd numbers are bad decisions, driven by greed, envy and undesirable human emotions (but we still know if it's right or wrong), you keep rolling 3's even though you have been to jail twice already and owe everything to player 1.


So if you were playing monopoly knowing this, as if it wasn't just complete chance why would you keep rolling odd numbers? We go through experiences and growing up we are taught the difference between right and wrong, we don't just roll the dice and wake up in Jail... Every decision we make in this life has an outcome. We can either learn from the negative outcomes and avoid making the same mistakes or continue in the same way. So what makes it so hard for us to stop destructive behaviours?


Lack of patience is one component, we must learn patience and solidarity. We are often too quick to make our moves in life, always waiting for the next thing to happen without enjoying the moment. As we are in this life it is not so easy to take a step back and look at things from an outside perspective. If your life is a game then how are you choosing to play? To all those struggling I challenge you to step back, take an objective look at your situations versus your decisions... Enjoy every moment, learn from past mistakes, practice patience. Sometimes life is more black and white than we think.



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