Embracing the Vessel we use to transport our consciousness

Image Via Instagram   By Hannah Rose Nicholson 

Image Via Instagram   By Hannah Rose Nicholson 

Everyone in the material world wants the best of the best, nice cars, a beautiful home and to look and smell fresh everytime we go out in public. We as human beings are competitive in nature, we desire to find a spouse and in order to get ahead of the game we build a persona by accumulating material things around us.

For women it gets very complex... We get our hair done, nails done, always have our eyebrows on fleek. We whiten our teeth, tan our skin, wear eye contacts, buy expensive make-up, douse ourselves in perfume and strive to get ahead of the others in search for loyalty and love. We want someone who will love us for who we are, but how can that be when we are doing everything in our power to change others perceptions of us.


Beautiful women can have ugly souls, and more and more I have seen this in my lifetime. Our ego is important don't get that wrong, and we can't just throw away all of our material possessions in order to find spirituality. But we must remember to strive for balance, our soul is just as important as our ego. We are who we are physically, and in reality that can't be changed. The only thing we can change is how we view ourselves and the world. We can however work on our souls, they can be changed, we can grow into more beautiful humans by having respect for ourselves, respect for others, strong ethical values and exuding love in all we do and all we extend towards others. It is as simple as this...


We can not change what we look like, our race, our hair type. We are given a body and that is just a vessel we use to transport our consciousness through this life. We do not however get to choose our vessel in which we have to live for the entirity of our lives. It isn't as simple as going to the car dealership, choosing the newest model of Porshe and driving that around showing everybody how pretty we are. We are given this body and it has to do. We do not choose to be born in poverty, less attractive or our race.


Those things that make up physically and socio-economically different than others aren't what make us who we are. What makes us who we are is who we are inside, it is a choice to be beautiful, for beauty is inside us and the only beauty we truly have control over is the beauty of our soul. Work on the beauty of your soul as you do on the beauty of your physical being. That's what makes you you, and that's what makes you beautiful.

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