How I Stay Motivated

Although I do not generally associate yoga with being “goal oriented”, something that does keep me going, or gets me back on track, is having something to be excited about in my practice. I don’t practice yoga to lose weight, become more flexible or for any one reason in particular. There are actually various reasons why I practice, which is why I don't really ever have a "specific goal”, but I do focus on certain outcomes.

When I started yoga, I was most inspired by inversions. Upside ones in particular; headstands, forearm stands and handstands. When I started with the headstand, I realized how tight or delicate different muscles around my core were. And even though I was able to get into a headstand, I was now excited to work on my core to enhance my postures. What started with just me wanting to nail a headstand, soon expanded to me focusing on new muscles because I wanted to make the most of my poses. This lead me to realized my hips were tight, which showed me my hamstrings and so on. I always found a new avenue to increase my motivation and keep me active. 

So if you're in a slump, think about why you started in the first place. Work on something that can help enhance your experience. Feeling groggy during work outs? Try changing your diet a bit to include more fruits and vegetables, or drink more water. Tight hamstrings when you run? Join a guided stretch class so you know how to optimize your warm ups and get you ready for your next run. 

Written By: Alice C. Edmonson  via EIC Vicki Valery

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