Zac Efron Describes Pleasuring Himself On Spoof TV Interview

"James Franco has reprises his obnoxious chat show host Dave Skylark from upcoming comedy movie “The Interview” for a hilarious new three-minute online video, in which he chats to Zac Efron about masturbating.

The “127 Hours” star, in character as clueless Skylark, pretends to be shocked in the clip as the former High School Musical star reveals he pleasures himself 17 times a day and has mastered masturbating with his knees while driving.

Efron shows off his skill by ‘climaxing’ as he chats to the bogus host on his fake show Skylark Tonight, prompting Franco’s amazed character to state, “That was incredible.”

Asked about his morning routine, Efron then adds, “Sometimes I wake up and I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and you think, ‘Who is this guy…?’ And then it’s there. Then you can brush your teeth.”

Franco, as Skylark, then asks his guest if he thinks he has a problem, to which Efron responds, “The Middle East has problems, I have a solution.”"


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