Legendary Rap Battle Artist, Serius Jones, Releases His New Single " Underdog"/ Battles Against Daylyt in ETHER

Serius Jones widely known as The Legend of “Battle Rap” culture by having incredible lyrical skills and is often credited for taking the art form to an entirely new level has released his new single "Underdog" produced by Charle Horse. Serius Jones is a well known and respected battle rapper who has had a lengthy streak of battle wins on various platforms including “Fight Klub” on MTV, BET’s Rap City and Hip Hop Power Summit. Jones has been hard in the paint, securing a one off record deal, recording new music, touring oversees in Europe, filming music videos, directing short films and a host of other entertainment endeavors.

Jones has become re-energized about the recent growth of the “Battle Rap Culture” now spanning globally thanks to the internet where artists are now performing on larger platforms and in bigger venues. Having been featured on MTV's "Made", "Direct Effect" twice, "Fight Klub", and his own special on Fuse Tv "The Mixdown", Serius Jones has become a household name and face to millions. In 2012 after a long hiatus and much doubt, Jones returned to the battle culture he once helped establish on mainstream television and defeated the top contender Charlie Clips in a heated performance at "Summer Madness 2." After the controversy amidst his return on "SM3", the culture has been teeming and anxiously awaiting his next performance and it is finally here now in ETHER.

Jones is scheduled to go up against Daylyt in the ETHER rap battle which is being dubbed the most anticipated rap battle in hip-hop history on December 6th at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles. Platinum artist and noted lyrical virtuoso Cassidy is going up against Dizaster on the star studded and fully stacked card of elite talent.  Hosted by prolific event curator Lush One and some surprise celebrity guests, this presentation will set the precedent for the future of battle rap, which as a cultural movement is the cutting edge of hip-hop's future.  Tickets and ppv available at www.filmon.com/rap.


Take a listen to the soundcloud link below or MP3 attached



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