Nicki Minaj Lands Billboard: ‘ talks Beyoncé & Maintaining Her Privacy

Nicki Minaj just did it on ‘em for the second time this week. The Rap queen has landed yet another mag cover only 48 hours after debuting her sizzling spread for V. This time around, the Pinkprint rapper, and all her golden royal splendor, finds herself on the cover of Billboard’s latest weekly issue alongside the caption “Nicki Vs. The World.”

Inside the mag, we learn why Ms. Minaj be falling asleep during her interviews. On top of working hard on stage and in the booth, she also does 15-25 conference calls every couple of days. We also learn that she doesn’t appreciate the belief that a sexy woman is a stupid woman, and that yes, her album will be a big deal for hip hop.

Elsewhere, she dishes on maintaining her privacy, being inspired by Beyoncé and why she took a jab at skinny bishes in her “Anaconda” video.

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