Taylor Swift sends amazing gift to fan

Photo Credit    celebdial      By:  Camille Colvin

Photo Credit celebdial   By: Camille Colvin

Taylor Swift has done it again! She's sent another care package to one of her biggest fans , but this time she added something special. Like always she sent proof inside the package showing she personally put the package together herself : a Polaroid "painting flowers for Rebekah"

 Rebekah Bortnicker shared pictures  of the amazing over the top package on her Tumblr Monday and to her surprise she found a check for $1,989 to help her with student loans. The package came in a FedEx box that Taylor had personalized to say SwiftEx. The singer also had a hand written note saying "now your $1,989 closer to paying off those student loans." Ironically the name of her latest album was also called "1989".

The emotional Rebekah also posted a video on YouTube opening the care package. In the video the crying fan states "Oh my God, just thank you so much , I can't even" the package has so many gifts that it took her 7 mins to go through the entire box.


Check out the gifts below :

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