Are Wiz and Amber Getting Back Together? Her Parents Might Not Like It...

by: An ny Jules

by: Anny Jules

Are Wiz and Amber Getting Back Together? Her Parents Might Not Like It

Amber Rose broke the Internet on Saturday when she posted several Instagram photos of herself posing in a barely there all black G string swimsuit while vacationing in Miami.

And while many heads were definitely turning from those photos, one head in particular took notice and made a comment that raised quite a few eyebrows.

Were talking about Wiz Khalifa.

Wiz let the world know via Twitter that his babys mother [a.k.a. Amber] is fine as f**k.

And lets face it, hes not lying.

Amber hasnt responded publicly to Wizs online compliment, but the same week, she told a fan via Instagram that she wants to get back together with Wiz!


Could love be back in the air for these two?  With Valentines Day just around the corner, we might be hearing news of a reconciliation between Amber and Wiz.

Check out the Shade Rooms Instagram screenshot of Ambers response below.

But if Amber and Wiz were to reconcile, her parents might not like it.
In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey for the OWN documentary, Light GirlsAmber revealed that some people in her family did not attend her wedding with Wiz because is black.

"With my family, they feel like they're more superior or better than an African American because we're Creole and we have culture and that's something I battle with most of my life," she explained. "It's more of the older people in my family.