Christina Milian and Lil’ Wayne do ‘Drunk in Love’ Remix

Say What!? Christina Milian and LilWayne do Drunk in LoveRemix


Christina Milian and LilWayne tried to Start a Fireat last years AMAs and now the two love birds are coming back to the music scene with a very explicit Drunk in Loveremix featured on Waynes Sorry for the Wait 2mixtape.


I mean nothing can be quite as good as the Beyonce and Jay-Z original, but we appreciate your efforts guys.


In true LilWayne form, the single is very raunchy and it seems that from what Christina is singing-she just cant get enough of that good good.


Check out some of the lyrics provided by Genius below.


We gon' be fuckin' all night
We ain't makin' love
We ain't makin' love

So you gon' watch me what, what, what, drop it like it's hot

I'ma what, what, what, drop it like it's hot


Hol' up, throw that, throw that pussy girl

Throw that, throw that pussy

Got you walkin' crooked, lookin' drunk as Uncle Woody

Hol' up, I don't even drink, I just be on that drank

I just be on that dank and wide awake like I ain't

So I'ma wear that ass out all night

You get hard dick all day, pussy always tight


Well damnthings are certainly seem to be heating up between these two.


Am I the only one who finds this rumored relationship laughable? It seems very contrived.


What are your thoughts on the song and the relationship? Sound off below!  

Link to listen to Drunk in LoveRemix

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