The Roast of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has finally been granted his wish! Apparently, the 20-year-old singer has been trying to get roasted on Comedy Central for years now, but was told that he needed more material to be on the showuntil now.

Does that explain why youve been acting a fool all these years Justin?

The Biebs tweeted out his excitement on Tuesday and explained that his upcoming Comedy Central Roast has been years in the making.


An Us Weekly source claims that the Biebs will get roasted a few days after his 21st birthday on March 7th.

Theres no word yet on who will roast Justin and what topics will be discussed, but heres some ideas we think might make for one hell of a show.

Selena Gomez: You cant think of Justin and not think of Selena. These two have had such a roller coaster ride in regards to their relationship, at times it was almost laughable.

Beibers Love of Black People: Its no secret that the Biebs has an Army of black friends and at one point thought it was cool to say the N-Word anyway he pleases.

His Recent Calvin Klein ad: Justins package was recently the topic of controversy when an image of his alleged un-retouched photo surfaced showcasing him with a significant smaller member.

His MANY Run-Ins With the Law: Justin so badly wants to be the bad boy of Tinseltown. Remember the release of his deposition tape?

Oh, Justinwe cant wait for this one!


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