Dawn Richard Gets Candid in an interview

Dawn Richard Gets Candid on The Breakfast Club


Ex Danity Kanemember, Dawn Richard got candid in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club. She addressed everything from her plastic surgery rumors, her fallout with Danity Kane, and her love life.


As expected, Dawn is sticking to her claims that she has not gotten plastic surgery. She insists that good contouring and highlighting are the reasons why her face did a complete 180.


I have come to the conclusion that people have already decided what they want to say and what they believe. If I say no theyre going to say Im a liar and if I say yes theyll be like you a disgrace. You bleach your skin,she said about her dramatic makeover, adding, Shoutout to the people who think I spent that much [$100,000] on my face.


When asked why Danity Kane broke up and why she got into a physical altercation with band member, Aubrey ODay, Dawn explained that too many members of the group were trying to be front runners  instead of working as a team.


Aubrey specifically was conniving and manipulative which led to a smackdown between the two women, she claims.


There is no excuse for my behavior but what Im saying it everybody gets pushed to a limit. When something is poisoning and you go into the studio and people are literally going behind your back and lying to you and taking your vocals and doing things that are shady thats foul,she said about what caused the fight.


But now that Dawns Danity Kane days are over, shes focusing on music and enjoying dating. Though she no longer speaks to her ex-boyfriend and Day 26 singer, Q, Dawn revealed that she is definitely enjoying her love life, but wishes to keep her new man private.

Go head girl!



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