Willow Smith #BreakstheInternet With Fake Topless

It seems that these days, every celebrity is trying the break the Internet with one provocative photo after another. Now, 14-year-old Willow Smith is joining that ever-growing list again with another Instagram photo that critics are calling inappropriate for someone her age.

First,  it was Willows bed photo with 20-year-old actor, Moises Arias that sparked controversy back in May, and now its her free the nipplephoto thats causing quite a stir.

Earlier this week, Willow posted a photo of herself sporting a Jean Paul Gaultier t-shirt with the image of a womans breasts. In the photo, Willow has her arms lifted so that the breasts image looks like she is showing off her own chest.

Though Willow did not appear topless in the photo, critics are slamming the young starlet for suggesting that she is topless and for supporting the free the nipple movement that many celebritiesincluding Rihanna, Chelsea Handler, and Miley Cyrusare supporting.

Willow has since deleted the Instagram photo.

Whats your take on Willows controversial pic? Is she being too provocative for her age or are the critics overreacting? Sound off below!

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