Alexandra Shipp Casted as Storm in ‘X-Men’


By Anny Jules


Many thought she failed as Aaliyah in the November Lifetime biopic, but Alexandra Shipp is gearing up to redeem herself in her next leading role. 

Alexandra was just casted to play Storm in the upcoming “X-Men” prequel: “X-Men Apocalypse” directed by Bryan Singer. 

Bryan announced the names of the actors in his cast via Twitter on Thursday, Jan. 22, and revealed that in addition to Alexandra, Sophie Turner and Tye Sheridan would also be starring in the movie.

The role of Storm was originally brought to life back in 2000 by Halle Berry.

However, because the “X-Men” prequel takes place 20 years before the film that Halle  starred in, a much younger Alexandra was chosen to star in the prequel instead. 

Following the casting news, Alexandra took to Instagram to show that she has been doing her homework and watching lots of Storm movies to help her prepare for the role. 

Congrats Alexandra! Let’s hope you nail this one in the park!

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