Octavia Spencer Doesn’t Think The Oscars are Racist

Academy award winning actress, Octavia Spencer has been doing interview rounds within the media circuit to promote her latest film, Black or White.


In addition to talking about the film, Octavia has also been expressing her opinion that the Academy Awards organization  is not racist.


When the news recently came out that no directors or actors of colorparticularly those involved in Selma”—— were nominated for an Oscar this year, critics slammed the Oscar board for its lack of diversity in nominees.


Social media users even created the trending Twitter hashtag #OscarssoWhite to discuss the Academy Awardsalleged racism towards African American creatives in Hollywood.


But despite the apparent  lack of African American Oscar nominees this year, Octavia insists that the Academy Awards are not racist.


Its  a slap in the face to have any sort of the narrative be that the Academy is racist. We wouldnt have MoNique, we wouldnt have Jennifer Hudson, we wouldnt have Lupita Nyongo, we wouldnt have myself, we wouldnt have John Ridley or Alfonso Cuaron so many people of color awarded, Octavia told the Los Angeles Daily News. So while I understand the need for people to latch onto something, to paint this narrative in the light that its been painted is disheartening. Thats not whats happening here.


She added, Now, should there be more diverse films? And diverse doesnt just mean black, it means a broader spectrum: LGBT, different religions, more women behind the scenes directing and producing, more Latin, more Asian, reflective of what we see in the world. Yes, absolutely.


Octavia concluded her response, explaining that while she wouldve liked to see Selmaactor ,David Oyelowo be nominated for Best Actor, she feels that unlike everyone else, he probably doesnt think the Oscars are racist either.


David Oyelowo was amazing, and would I have loved to have seen my Helpalum, who I think is a brilliant actor, nominated for that wonderful portrayal of Dr. King? Absolutely. But I think if you asked David if he thought the Academy was racist because he wasnt nominated, he is a rational man and he knows that thats not the case,she explained.


Black or Whitestarring Octavia Spencer and  Kevin Costner his theaters on Jan. 30.

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