50 Cent and Rick Ross Beef Continues

It is pretty well known that for years now rap artists and moguls 50 Cent and Rick Ross have had an ongoing beef for many years. This time around, the exchange between the two began when 50 took to Instagram to poke fun at yet another rapper, as he usually does, and Rick Ross was the chosen one. 50 posted a picture of a t-shirt with Rick Ross’ bare stomach on it, along with a caption that stated that 50 would sell the shirts for $2.95. Of course, Rick Ross couldn't let 50 slide. He then clapped back at 50, mentioning 50 Cent's recent bankruptcy scandal, then thanked 50 for his promotional efforts. There seems to be no end in sight for these two in regard to their ongoing beef. Stay tuned right here for the latest updates!

Yumia HobbsComment