Adele to Strike Against Streaming Services With Upcoming Album

The majority of 2015 in the music world has been centered around the advancement a recreation of streaming services: Jay-Z's acquisition of Tidal, Spotify, and Apple Music, to name a few. With the competition between these services came a lot of controversy; specifically complaints from artists like Taylor Swift who sent out an open letter shaming streaming services like Apple Music for not paying record labels during it's 3-month free trial period. Swift felt so strongly about the issue that she went as far as pulling her entire catalog from Apple Music and Spotify. That is, until Apple Music agreed to meet her demands in exchange for them being able to hold her catalog. Well, it looks like Adele will be taking strike against the streaming services and she won't be budging for a payout according to reports by New York Times. In case, you're unaware, this basically means that you will only be able to listen to 25 (legally) if you pay for it.


Yumia HobbsComment