Nicki Minaj Under Fire for Alleged Shade Thrown At J.Lo

Shortly after the 2015 American Music Awards the blogs started buzzing about the side eye the camera seemed to catch Nicki Minaj flashing during the amazing performance by J. Lo. 

J.Lo decided to spice up her performance by adding in a mix of Nicki Minaj's hit song "Anaconda" and of course, the camera flashed right over to Nicki to catch her reaction to the mix being included in the performance and just happened to catch Nicki giving a shady side-eye. In true Nicki fashion, after getting word of the buzz behind the alleged snub, she took to Twitter for a quick snap back tweeting, "lol says what all? I'm looking at my own face on the screen when I'm looking to the right. I turn Bak & look @ her (followed by the laughing emoji)." 

Well if Nicki says it wasn't a snub, it probably wasn't a snub. We all know the Queen B(arb) has NO problem speaking her mind. Hence, "Miley, what's good?" 

We'll just conclude that there's no real beef between J.Lo and Nicki, but you know just where to tune in for any "shade" update.

Yumia HobbsComment