Bruce Jenner Involved in Fatal Car Crash

Bruce Jenner was recently involved in a devastating car crash on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu that involved a 4 -car collision resulting in one fatality.


Police are currently investigating the cause of the crash, however eyewitnesses claim that while stopping at a red light, Bruce hit a woman in a white car who then hit another driver which resulted in the womans white car spinning out of control into oncoming traffic.


The woman immediately died on impact.


It is unclear whether Bruce will be charged for the crash, but police are allegedly searching his phone to see if he was texting while driving. Others speculate that Bruce might have also been smoking and driving.


In addition to the one fatality, the 7 other people involved in the accident suffered from moderate and minor injuries. Bruce allegedly suffered no injuries.


News of his horrific car crash comes just days after it was reported that Bruce was transitioning to become a woman.


Our prayers go out to the family of the woman that died in this crash. Our hearts also go out to Bruce who is undoubtedly going through a lot and is currently dealing with public scrutiny. We hope that he pulls through.

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