Bobbi Kristina’s Aunt Says her Health is Improving



Things were initially looking grim for Bobbi Kristina but her aunt, Leolah Brown is now coming forward to reveal that she is doing better and recovering. 

In a recent interview with Fox 5, Leolah revealed that Bobbi Kristina is now “opening her eyes.”

“She’s opening her eyes, and there’s a few more things that she’s doing, but Krissi is doing well right now,” Leolah said.“She is.There are so many signs showing us she will be okay in spite of what people are saying over the Internet. Krissi is fine, as I sit here before you today.”

Brown’s family recently held a candlelight vigil for Bobby Kristina and thanked her supporters and fans for attending the ceremony.  Bobby Brown’s lawyer also released a statement slamming media outlets—-specifically, TMZ, Daily Mail UK, The National Enquirer, and The Atlanta Journal Constitution—-for publishing false reports about Bobbi Kristina’s diminishing health. 

It is so wonderful to hear that Bobbi Kristina is slowly but surely pulling through. We continue to send our love and prayers to her and her family and look forward to reporting on her full recovery.

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