Erykah Badu vs. Azealia Banks

By  Anny Jules              By  Getty Images  

By Anny Jules             By Getty Images  


At this point, who hasn’t Azalea Banks fought with on Twitter? This week, Azealia decided to start a Twitter war with Erykah Badu after Erykah insinuated that she tried to listen to Azealia’s music and wasn’t impressed.

Azealia caught wind of Erykah’s twitter comments and decided to throw shots back. Azealia called Erykah jealous and insinuated that the legendary soul singer was old and washed up. 

Erykah replied by turning her location on so that Azalea could meet her in person to fight but Azalea claimed that Erykah never gave her the exact address.

Either way, the Twitter fight ended with the two ladies throwing shade and wishing each other a good day…even though we all know theres still tension between them. 


Azealia when will you chill out and stop trying to fight the entire music industry? And Ms. Badu, you are too fly to be engaging in Twitter wars with people, queen. Keep it cute. Keep it classy, ladies.