Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio Come to an End?

 By  Anny Jules               By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules              By Getty Images  


Last month, the rumors were circulating that RiRi and Leo were an item after they were allegedly spotted all over each other at a party. But now, rumor has it that the two lovebirds have allegedly called it quits.

Sources from RadarOnline claim that Leo was spotted at 1OAK in L.A. kissing a model WHILE RIHANNA WAS THERE. 

“Rihanna was at the owner, Richie Akiva’s table, downstairs,” says a RadarOnline source. “Leo was at a separate table. He had his own by the DJ booth.”

It’s unclear how Rihanna reacted to the kiss between Leo and the model, but we’re pretty sure she wasn’t too pleased. 

Oh well Ri-Ri, upwards and onwards! There’s plenty of fish in the sea.