Rosie O’ Donnell is Leaving ‘The View’

By  Anny Jules                By  Getty Images  

By Anny Jules               By Getty Images 


It’s only been a few months since Rosie O’ Donnell rejoined “The View’s” co-hosting panel, but she’s already calling it quits. 

Rosie is leaving “The View” for a second time due to the drama going on in her home—-she recently split from her wife, Michelle Rounds. Rosie is scheduled to leave “The View” in a few days to be with her children and to take care of her health. 

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Rosie revealed that she was  also suffering through health issues and needed to take care of herself rather than focus on the show. 

Sources claim that Rosie is extremely stressed out from her divorce and juggling her health, so she made the decision to leave the show. 

Rosie’s “The View” co-hosts are allegedly supportive of Rosie’s decision and plan to have her back on the show as a guest host. 

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