Ray J Gets a Beatdown

By  Anny Jules               By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules              By Getty Images  


Ray J got beat up by his girlfriend, Princess Love this week and he is now in pretty bad shape. 

The beatdown allegedly occurred in New Orleans after filming a “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” scene at a strip club. Ray J returned home from filming and was allegedly confronted by Princess who let him have it. 

Princess allegedly cracked several of Ray J’s ribs, busted his lip, and tore his ACL. 


Naturally, Ray J called the police on Princess and she was arrested for domestic abuse and battery. 

But to much surprise, Ray J then went ahead and paid $10K to bail her out. 

The reason for the attack is unknown. 

Will these two breakup already? It seems like every other month we are hearing about a big blowout occurring between these two. Clearly love does not live there anymore and they need to call it quits. 

What are your thoughts on Ray J and Princess Love’s relationship? Should they makeup or breakup? Sound off below!