John Legend, Common, and Lady Gaga ‘Wow’ us at the Oscars

By  Anny Jules                  By  Getty Images  

By Anny Jules                 By Getty Images 

By  Anny Jules                By  Getty Images

By Anny Jules               By Getty Images


The Oscars are all about actors and film, but this year’s Academy awards featured some incredible musical performances by John Legend, Common, and Lady Gaga—who some might argue stole the show.

Though John Legend and Common have continuously performed their hit song, “Glory” from the movie, “Selma” throughout this year’s awards season, their Oscar performance still managed to have us at the edge of our seats, bring tears to many actors in the audience, and ended in a well warranted standing ovation. 

John’s crisp vocals as he played the piano and Common’s insightful lyrics were certainly enticing, but the march among the chorus members who accompanied the two men on stage was visually stunning and really hit home. 

To top off their performance, John and Common delivered a much needed and informative speech about the injustices occurring in the black community while accepting their Oscars for “Best Song.”

Congratulations and well done, boys! 

Lady Gaga delivered a jaw dropping performance at this year’s Oscars while honoring Julie Andrews. We already knew Lady Gaga could sing but after that Oscar performance, we can now say that Gaga’s voice is a force to be reckoned with. 

Gaga effortlessly sang songs from the classic, “Sound of Music” and not only shocked us with her performance, but also shocked us with her look. It is refreshing to see Lady Gaga embrace her curves and look so elegant—-a huge contrast to the abstract costumes we are used to seeing her in. 

Naturally, Gaga’s breathtaking performance received a standing ovation as well and also brought tears to many. 

With a voice like that, we would definitely love to see Gaga take on the Broadway stage. 

What were some of your favorite moments from this year’s Oscars? Sound off below.