Mo’Nique Claims she was Blackballed in Hollywood

By  Anny Jules                 By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules                By Getty Images  


Mo’Nique may have won an Academy award for her role in “Precious,” but she now claims that after her Oscar win, she was blackballed from future roles in Hollywood. 

In an essay for the Hollywood Reporter, Mo’Nique revealed that “Empire” director, Lee Daniels was the one who told her that no one wanted to work with her in Hollywood. 

“I got a phone call from Lee Daniels...And he said to me, 'Mo'Nique, you've been blackballed.' I said, 'Why?' And he said, 'Because you didn't play the game.'" 

Mo’Nique claims that Lee never explained to her what exactly “the game” was, but she speculates that her forthright attitude in the business may have led to her downfall.

"There have been people that have said, ‘Mo'Nique, she can be difficult. 

Mo’Nique and her husband can be difficult.’ They could probably be right. One of the networks said to [Lee] that I was 

‘really difficult to work with.’ And I said, ‘Well, that's funny, 

because I've never even worked with them, but OK,’” she explained.

Still, Lee fought for Mo’Nique to star in his movies and TV shows but somehow she always came up short. 

"Well, actually, I was offered the role in The Butler that Oprah Winfrey played. I was also approached by Empire to be on Empire. And I was also offered the role as Richard Pryor's grandmother,” Mo’Nique explained. “Each of those things that he offered me was taken off the table. They all just went away. But that's just part of the business, you know? I can't be upset at anybody, 'cause life is too good. It's just what it is.”

Lee has since spoken out about Mo’Nique’s “blackballed” accusations and suggested that it was in fact Mo’Nique’s attitude that has gotten her in this unfortunate predicament. 

"Mo'Nique is a creative force to be reckoned with. Her demands through Precious were not always in line with the campaign,” Lee told THR. “This soured her relationship with the Hollywood community. I consider her a friend. I have and will always think of her for parts that we can collaborate on, however the consensus among the creative teams and powers thus far were to go another way with these roles.”

It’s unfortunate that Mo’Nique is currently struggling in Hollywood, but hopefully this can be a lesson learned. She should never pacify how she feels for the sake of “the game,” but perhaps with the help of Lee, she can slowly ease her way back into the limelight once again.

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