Bruce Jenner to Discuss Transition With Diane Sawyer

Its the news we already predicted. After months of speculation, it is confirmed that Bruce Jenner is allegedly in the process of transitioning from male to female.


The Olympic athlete turned reality star is gearing up to discuss his transformation journey with the world in the near future.


Sources claim that Bruce will sit down with Diane Sawyer to talk about his transition and the interview will air sometime in May.


In addition to his Sawyer interview, Bruce will also allegedly star in his own E! reality-tv show that will chronicle his entire transition process.


Its wonderful that Bruce is standing in his truth and not afraid to show the world. However, we cant help but think that this interview and reality-show is a result of Kris Jenner and the Kardashian family forcing Bruce into this.


Bruce strikes us as a quiet, normal guy who isnt into all of the fame, publicity, and exploitation. His ex-wife we really need to explain.


We hope that Bruce is telling the media because he actually wants to and not because this is a Kardashian ploy to make more money.


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