Teyana Taylor and Porsha Williams get Bothered Over ‘Unbothered’ Apparel

Teyana Taylor and Porsha Williams recently got into a Twitter and Instagram war over the word unbothered.


The two women duked it out over who has rights to release an unbothered clothing line.


When Porsha went on Instagram to promote the upcoming release of her #unbothered t-shirt line, Teyana demanded that Porsha take the Instagram photo down since she allegedly owns the rights to her own Unbothered clothing line.


But Porsha wasnt going to let Teyanas demands phase her. She continued to post even more Instagram photos promoting her t-shirt line and Teyana naturally became more upset.


Porsha later went on the Rickey Smiley show to address the beef in a shade-filled rant where she called Teyana, Tatiana and insisted that Teyana has no rights to the word.


I always remain unbothered. Ive been saying unbotheredand fleeklike everybody else on Instagram. Like she said on my comments, I do follow Tatiana or whatever. I follow a lot of people who are in entertainment. I try to support a lot of our young black women doing it in music,Porsha said on the show.


She added,  had no idea she had a clothing line. I really dont have a problem with her having a clothing line called unbothered because my t-shirt is just a t-shirt line. Its not a clothing line. Furthermore, I just wish Tatiana wouldve consulted her legal team because then she would know that she cant even trademark the word unbothered anyway. I just thought it was a little distasteful to put the comment on Instagram instead of DMing me. She couldve just DMd me and said, Hey Porsha, Id rather you not da da da da,and I couldve put pretty on fleekor whatever else. It was just blown out of proportion.


Of course the drama didnt stop there. Teyana later went on Instagram again to post a photo of a legal document granting her limited liability of her company UNBOTHERED, LLC.

Ladies.neither one of you should be releasing an unbothered line because clearly both of you are bothered and full of drama. SQUASH the BEEF.