Angie Stone Arrested for Assaulting her Daughter

By  Anny Jules                   By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules                  By Getty Images  


Angie Stone was arrested on Monday for assaulting her daughter, Diamond Stone.

Prior to her arrest, Angie allegedly told police that it was her daughter who started the fight and punched her in the face. Angie then defended herself with a metal stand that she swung at her daughter. Angie’s strike resulted in her accidentally knocking out her daughter’s two front teeth, she explained.

Despite Angie’s claims, her daughter Diamond is telling a completely different story. 

Diamond alleges that it was her mother who started the fight and has been abusive towards her for years.

“I’m sick of putting up these fronts and because you took shit to another level I will too. I love all my family but I cannot take anymore abuse so I’m separating myself from it all. I pray God heals us from this but from where I sit there is no turning back cause if you ain’t wit me you against me. You so worried about to media and the press but I promise you this I will not rest until my story is heard!” Diamond wrote on her Facebook page. 

Diamond also shared some very graphic photos of her missing teeth and the metal stand that her mother used to beat her. 

We send our well wishes and prayers to the Stone family right now. We’re not sure what caused this blowout but we hope that as mother and daughter, these two can work it out. Violence is never the answer. We also wish Diamond a smooth and speedy recovery.