Nick Gordon Breaks Down on ‘Dr. Phil'

By  Anny Jules                   By  Getty Images  

By Anny Jules                  By Getty Images 


It was arguably one of the most anticipated interviews of the week—Dr. Phil’s interview/intervention with Nick Gordon and his mother. 

Dr. Phil explained that what started out as an interview quickly turned into an intervention once Nick’s lawyers and his mother realized that he had reached his breaking point. 

Nick made it very clear during his interview that he was drunk and high on Xanax. He could barely form complete sentences and would often have outbursts where he grieved over the death of Whitney Houston and the near-fatal drowning of Bobbi Kristina. 

Check out Dr. Phil’s intervention for Nick Gordon here

While we appreciate that Dr. Phil has taken it upon himself to send Nick to rehab, the televised intervention did seem quite exploitative. 

Regardless of what you think of Nick, it is clear that he needs help. But filming his self destruction and downward spiral just seems flat out mean. 

We also have to question his mother for allowing such a public intervention to go down. It would seem that the better thing to do would be to protect her son from the public scrutiny that he is already experiencing in the media. 

All in all, this intervention could and should have been done in private. After all, Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, Leolah Brown previously said that Nick is under investigation for the attempted murder of Bobbi Kristina which means that all of the incriminating things said during his intervention can and will be used against him in court.

The whole drama surrounding Bobbi Kristina continues to get messier and messier and it seems that all the parties involved are getting lost in the feuds and losing sight on focusing on Bobbi’s recovery. 

We hope that Nick gets the help he needs and that the Brown and Houston families can come together for the sake of Bobbi. 

Dr. Phil has gone on record to say that once Nick is sober, he plans to conduct another interview  which we think is the best decision. 

"I want him to sit down, clear-eyed, sober, focused, and answer some very genuine and focused questions about what he knows and how he feels about it," he said. "[Right now] he is out of control,” Dr. Phil told Access Hollywood. 

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