Katy Perry Pregnant? Hints That She’s Going To Be A Mom

Katy Perry may be expecting. The ‘Roar’ singer posted a picture of herself wearing a ‘Mom’ necklace on March 17, with no caption. She also showed off much fuller lips. Is she trying to tell her fans that she’s pregnant? See the photo here!

OMG! Is Katy Perry pregnant? The 30-year-old singer posted a very suspicious picture of herself, wearing a “Mom” necklace, on March 17. She didn’t write a caption on the Instagram post, so we can’t help but wonder what this means! Is she expecting? Is John Mayer, who she’s reportedly dating again, the daddy? Our minds are currently blown.


Katy Perry Pregnant?: ‘Mom’ Necklace & Big Lips Spark Rumors On Instagram

We’re not sure if Katy is or isn’t pregnant, but we should note that the singer’s fans are rumored to refer to her as their “mother” — just like Lady Gaga‘s “monsters” call her “Mother Monster.” Katycats are claiming that the necklace is for them, FishWrapper reports.

If Katy is pregnant — as her necklace and bigger lips seem to suggest — John Mayer may be the daddy!



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