Raven Symone Gets Stung by Beyonce’s Beehive

By  Anny Jules                    By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules                   By Getty Images  


Raven Symone recently attended the Luxx Bell event that featured a guest performance by Lil’ Kim.  

During the event, Raven took to Instagram to showcase her excitement and let her fans know that Kim is the original Queen Bee. 

Check out Raven’s Instagram here: 


“#the queenbee made my night last night. A surprise that made my whole life. #theoriginal #royalty #beehive,” she wrote. 

Naturally, Beyonce’s infamous Bee Hive caught wind of Raven’s Instagram post and let her have it.

But even with the backlash, Raven refused to backdown. She later published a caption defending her statements that Kim is the originator of the beehive. 

"I love Beyoncé too," she wrote on Instagram. 

She added, “But La Bella Mafia @lilkimthequeenbee had a track called "BeeHive." This album came out 2003, when Beyonce just started to become dangerously in love. Calm down #new #beehive. I'm not coming for your queen Bee. I'm just showing love to my #hardcore #queenbee.” 

We’re pretty sure the beehive is still swarming on Raven’s page. What do you think? Are the justified or just plain out of control? Sound off below!