Amber Rose Shakes off the Haters, Embraces her ‘Booty Dimples’

 By  Anny Jules            Photo By  Getty Images  

By Anny Jules           Photo By Getty Images 


While Amber Rose was away vacationing in Maui, a few paparazzi photos of her in a string bikini surfaced the Internet. 

The photos—-which featured Amber topless on the beach—were definitely attention grabbing, but one particular aspect of the photo is what really caught social media users’ attention.  

Many people took notice of Amber’s cellulite which she refers to as her “booty dimples.”

Social media users slammed Amber for photoshopping her racy Intsagram photos which usually show her body looking smooth and cellulite free. 

But instead of throwing shots at her haters, Amber chose to embrace her imperfections and posted a side by side photo of the paparazzi pic and her edited picture. 

"Yaaaaaas dimples on the booty!" she wrote on the side by side photo that since been deleted. “Lol #StandUpStraightSoIKnowitsReal #BeautifulBabiesGiveYouBeautifulDimples #MILFIN.”

In a second photo that she also later deleted, Amber shared her secret on how she captures flawless Instagram photos of herself. She revealed to her followers that taking a flawless photo is all about knowing your flattering angles and choosing the right filter. 

So what’s Amber’s favorite filter? Well, she says she like to use a “yellow sunny filter” that keeps her looking flawless…on Instagram that is. 

To learn more about how Amber keeps her fans gawking over her pics, you can purchase her upcoming book, “How to Be a Bad Bitch” which lets you in on all her secrets, she explained on Instagram.

It’s nice that Amber can embrace her flaws and most importantly, admit that she does edit her photos. 

It’s something we’ve all done but for some reason people feel ashamed to admit it. No one’s perfect and it’s our differences that that make us special and unique. 

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