Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels Reminisce on 11th Anniversary.

By  Anny Jules                    By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules                   By Getty Images  



Nicki and Safaree are no longer together, but there is definitely still love between them despite the various jabs thrown after their breakup.

After all, they were together for a decade prior to their split, so it’s not surprising that the love is still there. 

On Saturday, March 7—-on what would have been their 11th anniversary—-Nicki and Safaree subliminally tweeted loving messages to each other. 

Nicki started off the sub tweets with an “I’ll always love you” message that she later deleted. 

Safaree caught wind of her tweet and responded “Im not gonna front like i dnt kno wat today woulda been I hope ur happy and wish u nothing but the best.. luv u 4ever. no love lost.”

He later deleted that tweet as well. 

Following their brief subliminal Twitter exchange, Nicki and Safaree’s fans immediately took to Twitter to chime in to which Nicki later tweeted, “Please Stop.”

It’s unclear what the status of Nicki and Safaree’s relationship is today, but it certainly seems like there might be room for reconciliation. 

The only question is what will happen with Nicki’s current relationship with Meek Mill? Is Meek ok with Nicki throwing loving subs to Safaree? 

Do you think Nicki should try to work it out with Safaree or continue moving on with Meek? Sound off below!