Jaden Smith Steps out in a Dress

By  Anny Jules           By  Getty Images   

By Anny Jules          By Getty Images  


Jaden Smith recently made headlines for stepping out in Calabasas, California in a dress. 

The 16-year-old rapper/ actor donned a long sleeved, all black dress with black shorts underneath and a white netted shirt over the dress. 

After being photographed out with his friend in the dress, Smith tweeted that he “swerved way too hard” in his dress.

Check out his tweet here:  


Since the photo of Jaden’s dress surfaced the Internet, social media users have tweeted their support of his fashion choice.

Social media users are praising the rapper/actor for not allowing himself to conform to fashion norms and being experimental with his style.

“You go @officialjaden ! Clothing is just clothing, it shouldn't have a gender ! #JadenSmith,” Twitter user @anlenehalle wrote. 

Another Twitter user, @themeganmck wrote, “I think #JadenSmith's dress-wearing making the news may be a step to encouraging ppl to break #gender norms & express themselves openly.” 

Jaden’s parents also support his fashion choice and decision to break down gender barriers. 

Sources claim that Will and Jada are so used to his fashion choice and it doesn’t bother them. They also claim that Jaden’s sister, Willow even borrows some of his clothes. 

What are your thoughts on Jaden’s decision to wear traditional female clothing? Sound off below!